Frequently asked questions

1. What is the electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket is a ticket for contactless fare payment on public transport (bus, trolleybus).
Types of electronic tickets:
– plastic card, which has a unique number, QR-code.
– QR-ticket generated in the mobile application.
– Ticket for trips sold in terminals for sale and replenishment.

2. How is it possible to pay for the journey?

Transportation of passengers and luggage is carried out exclusively with fare payment using electronic tickets.
E-tickets can be purchased at the card center and terminals or generated in the CityCard Lutsk mobile application.
Replenishment of electronic tickets:
– on the website of the Operator of electronic systems,
– via the CityCard Lutsk mobile application,
– in sales and replenishment terminals.


3. Where to buy the citycard?

Passengers can buy the standard card and top up its balance in the automated kiosks Citycard.


4. What types of e-tickets are provided by the system?

Types of electronic tickets:
– plastic transport card, which has a unique number,
– QR-ticket generated in the mobile application.


5. How to top up the card?

Replenishment of electronic tickets:
– in sales and replenishment terminals,
– on the site,
– in the mobile application CityCard Lutsk.


6. What shall I do if I don’t have enough funds on the card to pay the trip?

Find the nearest self-service terminal to top up your card. It can also be done on the website or in the mobile application.


7. Who will control the fare?

The control will work on the line with special devices to check the registration of the electronic ticket.


8. Do the city guest needs to buy transport card?

Guests of the city can buy a transport card, generate a QR code in the mobile application or use PayPass/PayWave bank cards.


9. Can several people pay for the journey by one card?

It is possible to pay for several passengers with standard transport cards, payment is accepted every 5 seconds. With preferential and student cards, the fare is paid only once for the cardholder’s trip.


10. Does the card have a shelf life?

No, it does not.


11. How to check the balance of the card?

The balance of the card can be checked at self-service terminals, the mobile application and on the validator display after payment for the trip.


12. What shall I do if I lost my card?

In case of loss of the electronic ticket, please contact the card center at the address: Khmelnytskyi, str. Soborna, 71. Your lost card will be blocked and the remaining funds will be transferred to a new card.


13. How will I understand that the payment was completed successfully?

The validator display show information about successful payment and balance on your card.